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A 16-week training program, the Heavy Equipment Operations/CDL program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and competencies to obtain entry-level employment driving large trucks and operating heavy equipment.

Training topics include basics of safety (1st aid/CPR, OSHA 10), commercial driving (tractor/trailer), flagging, air brake systems, equipment maintenance, project organization and heavy equipment operations (front end loader, back hoe, loading/unloading, docking) along with introductory college courses.

The training sequence will start with commercial driving that allows successful students to apply and test for a driving permit. Students will utilize state-of-the-art simulators before “hands-on” practice activities with modern road equipment. Enrollment is limited to ensure quality practice time with instructors. The Commercial Drivers License (CDL) training component is geared toward meeting demonstration proficiencies required by the state of North Dakota and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).  Successful graduates can transfer their CDL credentials according to regulations in their home state.

Further information:

United Tribes Technical College
3315 University Drive
Bismarck, ND  58504

(701) 255-3285 ext. 1334 • www.uttc.edu


Certificate Degree Program(s):

CDL/HEO - (31 CORE Credits required)

  • FND107 1cr. Pre-Professional Seminar
  • FND207 2cr. Career Success
  • GPE101 1cr. First-Aid/CPR
  • HEO101 6cr. Basics of Heavy Equipment Operator
    • This course will cover the identification of equipment, preventive maintenance, simulation practice for front end loader and back hoe, hands-on operations practice and careers in heavy equipment operations.

  • HEO120 7cr. Commercial Truck Driving
    • This course is designed to prepare students for application and testing for a commercial drivers permit. Topics will include commercial motor vehicle safety (CMVSAL/86), vehicle classifications, safety driving, air brake systems, commercial driving techniques (simulator), over–the-road driving experience with tractor/ trailer and backing/docking/parking experience with tractor/trailer.

  • HEO122 1cr. Flagging
    • Flagger training will utilize a combination of lectures, videos, and hands-on problem-solving to prepare students to be a safe and effective flagger during traffic. Students will learn the standard flagging procedures, devices, and signals. Upon completion of this course, successful students will receive a flagger credential (certificate).

  • HEO124 3cr. Basic Safety, Safety Tanker, Safety Hazmat
    • This course will provide a solid foundation about safety awareness in commercial driving and heavy equipment operations. Students will be informed about accident prevention, construction job hazards, working safely with job hazards, fire safety, PPE equipment, work site communications, OSHA regulations, and company policy issues.

  • HEO130 3cr. Project Layout
    • This course will explore a variety of industry situations involving commercial driving and heavy equipment operations with an emphasis on loading, hauling and dumping.  Students will learn how to plan and evaluate heavy equipment situations, and then will practice a variety of applications including wind mill rows and earth moving techniques.

  • HEO150 3cr. Heavy Equipment/CDL Operations
    • This course will bring together the CDL knowledge and skills necessary with basic heavy equipment operations. Through class activities (including simulations) and hands-on practice, students will learn about the sequence of coupling tractor/trailers, loading/unloading with heavy equipment, proper tie-downs, and coordination of CDL/HEO working together. 

  • MTH130 3cr. Applied Mathematics
  • OSHA104 1cr. OSHA 10